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Ash Wednesday Commemorative — 3-Person Ambrose

Our Ash Wednesday 3 person ambrose was a day of bizarre weather contrasts. The 10 morning crew teams arrived to a course blanketed in fog so dense that players were required to call to the following groups that the greens were clear. This continued throughout the course of the morning, as eerie apparitions drifted in and out of sight reminiscent of scenes from The Walking Dead! The fog finally lifting after 90 minutes. By contrast the five afternoon teams were greeted by bright sunshine and a cooling breeze.
Winners of the major handicap event were Nathan Fairley and Carolyn Doyle (good to see her back and firing) and Mick Doyle with an adjusted score of 54 and 1/6th. The stroke event was taken out by Will Devereux, Alex Fraser and their guest.
In response to queries on Saturday, the decision had to be taken earlier in the week to cancel a catered lunch as our Captain had only received a total of 8 entries for the event, despite the fact that we had an excellent field of 15 teams on the day. 
This is the perfect opportunity to thank those that had submitted entries and to reiterate to our members that we need your earliest commitment whenever there is a catered event.

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