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Only a field of nine this morning as several were conspicuous by their absences and 4 were no shows as they played at Growling Frog (I see everything Brian, Jeremy, Burra and Carter). Just 2 ball comp winners, Graham Bonsack 42 points and Peter Watson 41 points. NTP on the 6th/15th was Peter Watson......just. Some interesting discussion following this morning's round as some C graders bemoaned the fact that their handicaps were coming in, henceforth they would no longer get 2 strokes on all the par threes!!!!
Unfortunately Terry Penney had to step into the breach and wash the lunch dishes despite not registering the lowest score, as the real LOSER, Ian Flannery (28 points), had to leave before all cards were in. Understand TP is looking for a credit from Ian.

This Saturday is Monthly Medal Stroke and Putts. This event will also determine the club's Medal of Medalists as all Monthly Medalists from the past year vie for this honour.

Next Wednesday will be our second team's event. Assemble between 7 and 7:15 sharp for a 7:30 shot gun. Again a random draw for partners/teams. Don't arrive late, once teams are drawn, that is it.
Following discussion with the Wednesday Match Committee, the decision has been made that the losing team on the day, as well as having to wash the plates, each losing member donates $5 to the Mega Draw in the name of the Wednesday Gentlemen. Should that number be drawn out, the $150 goes into a kitty for a BBQ later in the year.