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Brisk and blustery morning to greet the 15 players for the mid week gentlemen's Par event. Good to see Henri struggle out of his sick bed to join us for the first time in ages. A howling north westerly wind ensured the long 4th, 9th, 13th and 18th holes would be a struggle to bogey let alone return a par.
Just one player scored better than his handicap resulting in the win going to Geoff Pickles-33 handicap- +6. Nifty (19), Steve Barrow(19) and Alex Ryan(15) all finished even with the card and won a ball, with Steve Barrow's back nine of +3 getting him the runners up voucher on countback.
Other scores: Oils Flannery (23) -2, G. Bonsack (20) -3, G. Liddy (19), Walrus (9), M. Hoiles (14) and J. Clare (19) -6, Hank Hohmann(23) and Tuppence (42) -8, Aitch (21) -9 leaving Peter Watson (23) -10 to attend to the crockery and cutlery.
NTP 8th/17th Alex Ryan with a birdie on the par 3.

In other important news, the double letter duo of Terry Penney and Gregg Kennedy share the $150 Mega Draw #9. Although the motion put by Nifty Clark to share the $75 portion not collected by Gregg Kennedy due to his unexplained absence was passed unanimously, the motion was overruled by an Executive Order from the Hon Secretary.

This Saturday is the June Monthly Medal that was postponed due to weather, along with the three way playoff for the May Medal.

Next Wednesday is Stableford.

Later Event: July 13