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Hope y'all had a hoppy, chocolatey Easter.

15 players for our comp this morning as the day dawned overcast but still, a marked contrast to the savage winds of last week.

As it was the last Wednesday of the month, the Multiple Stableford team competition was played in conjunction with an individual stableford event.

The usual random draw again contributed to a number of us playing with members we had not previously joined in competition.

We also welcomed a number of 'Saturdayers' in Matt Salter, Luke Robinson, Tony Littman and Captain Richard Payne for a mid week whack.

First time individual winner was Steve Barrow (22 handicap) with 39 points..... 24 on the back nine.

The processing of the Multiple Stableford team's event was anything but straight forward as some of our less than mathematical members seemed to think that 2 multiplied by zero was 2!

With the aid of an abacus (an hour of our lives we will never get back), a star chart and several hands of fingers it was eventually concluded that 84 points was the winning score of Peter Watson and Luke Robinson.

Interestingly despite several combined wipes they were able to muster 40 points on three holes with the multiples of 12,12 and 16!!!

The processing delay nearly resulted in Henri and Bonney prematurely headed to the sink for the dishes...... that dubious honour was wrestled away by Jezza Clare (26 points) and Matt Salter (38 points) with an abysmal multiple total of just 51 points.

Other scores:

Runners up: Mike Hoiles/Steve Barrow-75 pts, followed by T. Littman/Nifty-70 points, I, Flannery/Burra-68 pts, B. Collins/Massive-65 cb from Aitch/Bonney-65 pts.

Congratulations to the playing group of Mike Hoiles, Steve Barrow and the Walrus for their combined 5 birdie round.... none of which resulted in a ball.

Nearest the pin on the 6th/15th was Walrus.

Ball comp winners: S. Barrow, M. Salter, B. Colliins, P. Watson, N. Clark, L. Robinson, M. Burrage.

Congratulations to Mick Doyle upon retaining his crown as the MMGC Matchplay Champion. Commiserations to his opponent Peter 'Choke' Sinclair who, despite being 3 up after 7 holes, could not win another hole going down 4 and 3.

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